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Market Prospects /Strategy

Market Share of Phase I Products

The products are selected based on their high and increasing global demand. The production volumes planned by Saamya in the first year of operation (2012), constitute a small fraction (< 3%) of this demand. This would enable the company to market the products with ease and remain viable in the years to come.

  Product Total Global Demand (Kg) Capacity utilisation 50%
Production (Kg) % of Global Demand
 Tacrolimus 1,140 30 2.63
  Daunomycin 8,530 125 1.47
  Hyaluronic Acid 17,696 200 1.13

Price Advantage :

The company has taken adequate cushion in pricing the products at a much lower level than the international price to withstand any price fluctuations and to sustain in the market for a longer period.

  Product International rice
(IP) / Kg US $
Our price / Kg
US $ % Reduction over IP
 Tacrolimus 150,000 110,000 27%
  Daunomycin 31,500 24,000 24 %
Hyaluronic Acid - Pharma Grade 67,500 50,000 26 %


Marketing Strategy and Arrangement

The Promoter of the company, Saamya Biotech (India) Ltd., has marketing agreement with M/s Arch Pharmalabs Ltd., Mumbai, India, who would take care of selling the entire quantity of the products produced in the Malaysian plant. This arrangement is made as a matter of abundant caution to ensure international market share. In addition, SAAMYA BIOTECH (MALAYSIA) Sdn. Bhd., will have its own agents to market the products.

Over a period of time the company will have an exclusive marketing Division headed by General Manager (marketing) who will in turn be assisted by marketing managers looking after export and domestic markets.