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  • Perak Govt. of Malaysia agreed to provide 12.63 acre land in the Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Seri Iskandar, Ipoh, Perak. A joint venture agreement with the Perak state Govt. has been entered by the main promoter and collaborator, M/s Saamya Biotech (India) limited, in respect of land and equity participation. Govt. incentives for tax exemptions, Research grants, personnel training grant and permission for expatriate posts have also been obtained. Funding approvals from Federal Govt. and financial institutions are awaited.
  • The company entered into Technology transfer agreement with Saamya Biotech (India) Ltd., the main promoter company.

  • The parent and main promoter company, Saamya Biotech (India) Ltd. has entered into marketing agreement with Arch Pharmalabs Ltd., Mumbai, India for 100% marketing of the products that are manufactured by Saamya Biotech (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

  • Saamya Biotech (India) Ltd., the parent and main promoter company, has signed an agreement with M/s M/s. SEMAC Limited, Bangalore, India for  execution of the project (construction/ basic and detailed engineering etc) on turnkey basis.

  • NOC from Pollution Control Board for establishing the facility, being planned.

  • Necessary statutory permissions from Malaysian Govt. will be obtained.

  • Received Manufacturing Licences of Tacrolimus, Daunomycin and Hyaluronic Acid from MIDA.

  • Received approval of R&D Equipment & Operational grants, Training grants from MIDA.

  • Received approvals for Pioneer Status and for Expatriate positions from MIDA.